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Our History


In 1938, the Society was organized in the home of Blaine and Frances Strong Helman who lived on Locust Street in Indiana, Pa. There were six founding members and their earliest meetings were in the Helman home

located at 732 Locust Street. The gatherings slowly grew and were later moved to the janitor's office at the Indiana Free Library (formerly the YMCA). The Society has grown significantly in membership and its scope of services since its humble beginnings.

Our Mission

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Dedicated to preserving the history of Indiana County, the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County has operated continuously since its members first met in 1938. Through a broad range of activities, The Historical and

Genealogical Society of Indiana County seeks to promote a greater appreciation of the Indiana community's rich heritage and a better understanding of life today.

Our Buildings


Housed in two historic buildings the Historical Society has a wealth of history on its grounds. The Grand Victorian Silas M. Clark House and the former National Guard Armory both are iconic buildings in town.

Both structures illustrate periods of growth in the county and are tied to the proud industrial, military, and educational legacies of the area. Each location is open to the public to tour and houses the Society's artifact and archival collections.

Notable Society Members

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Over the course of the Society's history, many volunteers have donated their time and expertise to the organization to aid its growth. Through their efforts, collections have been processed, artifacts

cataloged, and entire county histories authored. The Society would not be where it is today without these individuals. Although many of them come from diverse backgrounds, they all share a love for local history and its preservation. 

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