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The Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County offers three distinct areas of our museum that are available to tour:

The Indiana County Historical Museum

The exhibits on the first floor of the Armory cover a comprehensive history of Indiana County. They span from the beginnings of the county to the modern era. This space also holds many of our temporary exhibits for the season and those for special events. These exhibits allow us to showcase the broad and fascinating history of our county that is often overlooked in the larger picture.

The Military Museum

The second floor of the Armory holds our military exhibits which cover various engagements from the Revolutionary War to the recent wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. Almost every branch of the military is represented with an assortment of clothing, weaponry, and objects from the warfront and at home. This area honors the men and women who made the highest sacrifice for county and country.

The Clark House

The final exhibit area is inside the Clark House. This 1870 mansion showcases Indiana County at its peak -- the Gilded Age (c.1860-1901). Viewing the architecture, furniture, décor, and possessions of the Clark Family – as well as other local families – allows us to reflect on our history so we may better understand the people of the past.

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