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The Brush Valley Well House

Nestled between two homes in the borough of Brush Valley is an interesting structure known as the Brush Valley Well House.  Little is known about the small plot, but it once owned by the Mack Family and used as a public water fountain.

The shelter was built by John Sephus Mack in memory of his wife Sarah Ellen Murphy. The plaque on the structure reads "Memorial to Sarah Ellen Murphy. Wife of John M. Mack, daughter of George Murphy, Great-Granddaughter of Sir John Murphy, and Granddaughter of John Murphy, who left his home "Irish Lands" in Ireland in 1801 to settle in Brush Valley. Here he married Mary Armithage and together they established our early educational system."


The Mack Family sold the property in 1969, and was subsequently donated to the Historical Society to preserve the memory of his beloved wife.

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