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Fundraising Update - February 2024

Winter is officially here, and with it comes cold weather. Some days we just want to stay indoors and maybe look at old photos. If these photos are of your favorite sights in Indiana County, you now have an opportunity to enter newer versions of them into the “My Indiana County” Photo Contest sponsored by the Fundraising Committee. At the beginning of January, the Fundraising Committee began accepting photos for this year's “My Indiana County” Photo Contest. Perhaps those old photos inspire you to feel adventuresome and travel around Indiana County looking for new ones.

Last year, we had over 50 entries and are hoping to surpass that number this year. The cost to enter each photo is $10, and participants may submit as many as they wish. There are two categories for the contest: adult and youth. Three prizes will be awarded in each category. The last day to submit will be February 17, with voting beginning on February 24. The photos will be posted on the society's website. Please take some time to check them out. I found them very interesting last year. It is a wonderful opportunity to see many familiar Indiana County sights, some brand new sights, or even some remarkably familiar sights in a new way. While you are on the website, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite or favorites at $1 per vote. Please feel free to vote many times! If you are interested in entering, complete rules and entry forms can be found on our website.  

Another project on which the committee is working is Trivia Night, scheduled for Friday, April 5. Questions are being composed, menus are being planned, and prizes are being obtained, all with the idea of an entertaining evening. At this function, attendees will also be able to view all the entries for the photo contest. During the evening, the winners of the photo contest will be announced. We are looking forward to seeing you at this enjoyable event. Knowing trivia is not required but wanting a fun time is.  

I am also taking this opportunity to ask for new committee members. Our committee meets on the first Saturday of the month. At our meetings, ideas for events are developed, plans are made, and some laughs are had. If being on the committee does not fit into your schedule, you might be interested in assisting with our events. They say, “If you build it, they will come.”  It may also be true that if you ask for volunteers, they will answer! Please contact me via email at or call the Society at 724-463-9600.  

Another opportunity for members to assist is monetary. We do have a budget, but it can be used up quickly. Besides the food that needs to be purchased for each event, we need plates, napkins, décor items and more to create the kinds of events that guests want to return to repeatedly. For example, we have worked to develop Ladies Tea events that are efficient and a lot of fun. Your contribution would help us to expand this program with the final goal of raising more funds for the Society. If interested in donating, please send your contribution to the Historical Society specifically directed to fundraising.  


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