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Our Volunteers

April has been named “National Volunteer Month,” a time set aside to recognize all those who give their time and energy to various organizations and programs. A volunteer is defined as a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service. Volunteers are unpaid and selflessly give of their time to help organizations on projects which are important to them. Many of our local organizations would not function without volunteers - the Historical Society is no different. This month we want to recognize all our faithful and dedicated volunteers, including those who have passed over the last few years.

Maintaining two buildings, putting on programs and exhibits, and helping those who wish to do research in the Helman Library takes time and dedication. The Historical Society has a large dedicated volunteer force, who help out in many aspects of the Society, whether covering the front desk, helping researchers, cleaning the buildings, helping with events and fundraisers, coordinating and setting up exhibits, and keeping our grounds looking nice. When it comes to these tasks, volunteers eagerly accept the call and are always willing to go above and beyond their duty to make the Society the best it can be. There are so many projects that are occurring that it is impossible to name them all. And with the Society growing makes that project list continue to grow, so we are always eager to accept new volunteers. If you are interested in joining our team, fill out a volunteer application and we will get back to you about how you can become a part of our volunteer staff.

Our volunteers do so much throughout the year that it is impossible to list all their accomplishments, but we can give all our volunteers credit by listing their names: Samantha Barna, Ruth Barkey, Vince Beatty, Ruth Beatty, Becky Becker, Don Becker, Makenna Berchin, Bill Black, Laurel Black, Willa Black, Mary Jo Bowes, Jenny Croyle, Tom Crumm, Eugene Decker, Joe Dell, Norma Dunlap, Allen Fiechuk, Zachary Fjellanger, Katie Gaudreau, Joanne Getty, Herb Gleditsch, Jonathan Guylas, Greta Helsel, Hannah Hildebrand, Joe Hildebrand, Ken Hinton, Hazel Johnston, Tim Kochik, Ron Kuzemchak, Don Lancaster, Dorie Leathers, Nancy Mace, Pam MacWilliams, Joan Magas, Angie Maudie, Elaine Maudie, JoAnne McQuilkin, Donna Meyer, Jeffrey Miller, Phyllis Mishtal, Tim Nupp, Maggie Pesci, Bonnie Peterman, Louise Peterman, Andrea Richko, Chuck Spence, Sonya Stewart, Beverly Stiles, Kathy Turton, Gina Venturella, Mary Ann Wagner, Joan Waldo, Karen Wegener, Jackie Wiley, Jim Wiley, Jean Williams, Kris Welch, Eric Witmer, and Mary Yanity.

We have also unfortunately lost some volunteers over the last few years that it is only fitting that we mention here: Gary Clawson, Coralie and Ken Hershman, Nick Lezanic, Sandy Williams, Bruce Jenkins, and Erla Seacrist.

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