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Fundraising Update - March 2024

Crowds gathered at Gobbler’s Knob on February 2nd to watch Phil come out of his hole, and this year he actually saw his shadow! We all know that means an early spring. Did you know that this celebration’s roots originated in Germany as part of the Candlemas celebration? Would you be surprised to know that Phil has a wife named Phyllis? Interesting facts that can easily become interesting trivia questions.


The fundraising committee has been working together to develop trivia questions for Time Traveler Trivia which HGSIC will host at the Armory on Friday, April 5. Questions will fall into the categories of sports, pop culture, literature, and more. Some questions will be easy and some will have you saying “Oh, I should know that!”  Adding to the evening fun will be a special appearance by “Pat” and “Vanna”, who certainly know how to host a game show. As you know, any great game ends the evening with prizes, and our evening is no different.

All that thinking will probably make you hungry, and we have that covered. The Homemade Restaurant is going to prepare a very “saucy” pasta bar offering choices of pasta and sauces. A salad will be provided, and no meal is complete without dessert. Guests will also have an opportunity to view the photos entered into the Historical Society’s My Indiana Photo Contest and be present for the awarding of prizes. The fundraising committee is looking forward to welcoming our Society members and maybe our members' friends as well. Tickets may be purchased by visiting the Society’s website:


Mary Jo Bowes is busily preparing a very entertaining program for the Spring Ladies Tea being held on Saturday, May 18. Her past programs have been a delight to our audiences. As always, there will be savories, sweets, and plenty of tea. Mark your calendars for a tea-rriffic time.


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