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In Memoria - Jean Williams (1921-2024)

With sadness the Historical Society heard of the passing of our Director Emeritus, Jean Williams. Jean gave years of her life furthering the goals of the Society. She was determined to help the Society grow and prosper. She loved history, especially the story of our Indiana County. She worked with Clarence Stephenson and other dedicated members of the community to earn money, to have good programs, and to encourage all ages to feel at home within our walls.

She recruited many of us to help the Society further its aims in providing a good background of true facts that told the tale of our town and county. The Old Tyme Christmas was an outstanding event for a weekend involving other groups in the community. Her idea of the Teddy Bear Tea for children brought in families to enjoy our many exhibits and to have fun.

Much effort went into the promotion of Ewing's Mill to help further an interest in the history of the county. The Society had many members involved in this effort. It involved much work and effort but was rewarding to see the happy results.

Jean and her twin sister Jane Dole started the Evergreen Garden Club. An afternoon group that was needed in the community. They were also both active members of the group. From that beginning in 1979 the Evergreen Garden Club started to plant the beautiful garden that we enjoy each summer. Her interests involved belonging to and active in the Pennsylvania State Federation, the Southwestern District of garden clubs and the National club. She encouraged us to learn how to do flower arrangements, do gardening, and help the environment.

Jean also had a Girl Scout troop that was the first to sell the cookies on the main streets of Indiana. Many camping trips involving tents and nature kept the young ladies busy.

She was so generous with her home, her garden, and her pool. She was always busy welcoming friends. Jean was constantly thinking of ideas to promote the Society, the garden club, and her church. As an Elder in Calvary Presbyterian Church, she helped the teenagers with the establishment of their own hang out in the dungeon of the church. They played their guitars; enjoying the posters and the fun of having their own place.

Thank you Jean for your ideas, yours hours of work, and your help to everyone involved in your life. You were always an inspiration with your dedication to your community and to us for being such a good friend.

Goodbye, dear friend, we will never forget you.


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