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Museum Happenings September 2022

The county fair finishes up today, and students have settled in for the semester ahead. There are plenty of exciting new exhibits in the works and one event runs into the other, filling the last quarter of the year. A few remaining fundraisers dot the calendar to help fuel everything happening at the Society. Whether you are looking for a stately tea, new exhibits, or engaging seasonal events, the Society has unique ways to engage with the past and learn about local history.

The Second Annual Night at the Museum was a tremendous success. The entire program committee, the actors, and the crew from S&T Bank should all be commended for helping the evening to run smoothly. The antique cars were an excellent addition to the program and helped to draw a significant crowd. The final count for the night saw over three hundred people make their way through the grounds. The weather was a key factor and could not have been any better. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, this will help the Society to refine this fantastic event and make it even better in the future. If you missed this year’s event, check back next year during the second Friday in August, when the exhibits will once again come to life!

The grand opening of the Jim Nance exhibit was a pleasant evening spent honoring one of the county’s greatest athletes. Tony DeLoreto of the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival spoke about the creation of the exhibit and Drew Nance recalled the life of his brother. The stories painted the character and accomplishments of Jim, adding a warmth and feeling of familiarity to the prominent athlete. After concluding the talk, refreshments were provided, and music was played by Grist for the Mill. If you missed the grand opening, the exhibit will be up through the 24th of this month.

Recently the cobwebs of the Clark house were rustled by a group of Society volunteers. Donna Meyer, Deb McCormick and Joanne Getty took up dusters, vacuums, and some elbow grease to rid the premises of dust and grime. The dwelling produces an astounding amount of filth, and it is easy to see why it required daily attention while the Clark family took up residence there. The group has made cleaning a regular practice, giving the house an almost lived-in feel again and will ensure each room stays in top shape for programs and tours. Their efforts are appreciated, and their work is one of the many tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly here at the Society.

The Fall Ladies Tea is quickly approaching, with a few seats still available. The program "Nothing Like a Dame," will be a trivia styled game, highlighting the achievements of women. As usual, there will be plenty of pastries and a fine selection of tea (decaf options available). Tea will be served Saturday, September 10th from 2pm to 4pm. Tickets are $25, $20 for members, are limited and must be purchased in advance. In the spirit of trivia, prizes will be awarded to the group who answers the most questions correctly. Tickets can be purchased in person or on the Society’s website.

Following the tea, the fundraising committee will host the Pioneer 5k to close out the year. Indiana County has a rich history dating back to the mid-1700s. Learn more about the county’s “pioneer” history while running or walking through scenic Blue Spruce Park. The 5k begins and ends at pavilion 1, and at various points along the way you can wave to or walk with some of these early settlers. All race goers who preregister will receive a t-shirt with prizes awarded to the top finishers in various categories. Register for the race at or through the HGSIC website.

There are a host of October events coming up. The annual meeting on October 20 will feature James Ferguson, as he discusses funerary practices in Indiana County and being in business for over one hundred years. A lantern guided walking tour of historic south sixth neighborhood will also take place on Saturday October 22. An exhibit highlighting mortuary practices of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will also be up during the month. Please call ahead for reservations or RSVP through the website for these upcoming events, it helps our committees with planning.

Although December is a long way off, the Society is already drawing up plans for its holiday exhibits. Plans to have a massive toy display which will cover the entire Armory floor are in the works. The Society is looking to rebuild the atmosphere of Christmas of the 1950s and 1960s. See the article in this issue for a list of items we are looking for. It may be a long way off, but with the right planning, we can have a truly memorable holiday exhibit!

The year has flown by and shows no sign of slowing down. The perpetual activity keeps us occupied, building towards something bigger and better than it was before. Join the Society for one of its many upcoming events or fill out a volunteer form and become one of the driving forces behind the organization. Regardless of the month or topic, the Society is always looking for an interesting and engaging method to convey the lessons of the past.

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