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Job Posting: Library Assistant

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Status: No Longer Accepting Applications

Please send a copy of your cover letter and resume to :

Employment Type: Part Time Pay Type: Hourly Pay Rate: $14 per hour

Time Commitment: 4 days/week, 9am to 4pm, 28hrs total

Paid Vacation: Yes, 1 week annually

Reports to: The Executive Director

Responsibilities to include:


  • Maintaining a presence at the front desk during business hours when patrons are in the library and museum

  • Monitoring the use of resources by patrons and volunteers to ensure they are handled properly and returned to the appropriate location at the end of the day

  • Assisting on-site researchers with resources and genealogy queries

  • Maintaining an existing library of local, state, and national reference materials

  • Processing archival collections

  • Delegating tasks to library volunteers

  • Conducting classes on genealogy research and how to utilize the library


  • Invoicing customers for research work

  • Organizing and delegating tasks to research volunteers

  • Generating detailed reports answering customer queries

  • Assisting patrons with research requests over the phone, email, and post


  • Authoring an article for each issue of the Society’s monthly newsletter

  • Mentoring and supervising interns when appropriate

  • Analyzing current systems and proposing methods which the library can use to improve

  • Generating reports highlighting the use of the library and its resources for the director and board of directors

The Employee is Expected to:

  • Work well independently and as part of a team

  • Work with patrons through various mediums of communication such as phone, email, and other platforms

  • Recognize and establish job priorities

  • Work with museum director, other employees, committee chairs, and volunteers

  • Answer genealogical research requests using various computerized databases

  • Seek out professional development and propose learning opportunities to the director

  • Develop a knowledge of Indiana County and the surrounding area to better assist researchers

Ideal Candidate:

  • Able to prioritize multiple tasks and constantly recalibrate based on daily library needs

  • Interested in maintaining the position for a period of two years or longer

  • Looking to help a small museum and research library grow to the next level

  • Demonstrate a firm grasp of technology and help innovate new ways to serve customers

  • Have knowledge working Past Perfect Museum software

  • Have Experience working with archival material

  • Strong written and verbal skills

  • A passion for preserving local history and making it available to the public

  • Organized with an attention to detail

Education Experience:

  • Master’s degree in library and information science or related field

  • Candidates with bachelor’s degrees will also be considered for the position

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