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Museum Happenings June 2024

A host of delightful events in May have paved the way for the Society’s June happenings. Support from donors continues to arrive from the annual campaign, fueling continued operations. The Society briefly pauses this month to celebrate recognition for the hard work of its staff and volunteers before returning to the process of improvement. Projects chug along, as we now approach the halfway point of 2024: where did the year go? With some luck, the second half of the year will be just as productive as the first.

The Spring Victorian Ladies Tea was a pleasant afternoon with plenty of pastries and beverages to go around. Special thanks to Mary Jo Bowes and her actors for a delightful time. The Society would also like to thank Café Amadeus for donating the coffee, which has been a tasty addition to recent teas. None of this would have been possible without the multitude of volunteers who helped to plan and implement this delightful afternoon. As always, it is pleasure to see the Clark House alive with activity, something the Clarks would certainly be proud to see if they were alive today. If you missed this ladies tea, do not despair, as there is another one planned for the fall with its own unique set of seasonal treats.

The recent rummage sale hosted by the fundraising committee exceeded expectations and brought in over $700. These funds will go towards general operations and fuel some of the upcoming activities listed within the pages of the newsletter. Additional items were added over the course of the sale, and we ended up filling much more than just one tiny table as noted in previous editions of the Clark House News. During the weeklong sale, deals were had all around, with some incredibly unique items. The cleanup was quick and efficient, and the museum floor was back to normal overnight. Due to its popularity, the committee is already considering a repeat of this event next year.

The Pre-Concert in the park served as a great collaboration between the Society and the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival, signaling a kickoff for the concert in the park series. The Children’s Community Choir led off with a wonderful vocal performance and were then followed by The 46th Pennsylvania Regiment Band. Their director, Tracey Baker, gave a detailed history of Memorial Day and the progression of music’s role in the process. The tunes rolled on for over two hours until the band played their final piece. The concert on May 26 was a nice precursor to the Memorial Day program put on the following day by the American Legion, Post 141. The ceremony paid tribute to the fallen through readings and a wreath laying for those killed during each major conflict. After the program, the Society was open for visitors to tour the exhibits.

Donations for the annual giving campaign are coming in at a steady rate following the mailing of the letter last month. Thank you to everyone who has donated for your generous support. This campaign is one of the primary drivers for funding at the HGSIC and ensures that the Society can meet its budgeted expenses for the year. There are so many things we hope to accomplish, and it is only possible because of your support.

The Historical Society is being honored by the Indiana County Tourist Bureau with an Ambassador Award. On June 14 at the Indiana Mall from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Society members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to RSVP. There will be a special presentation during the evening, revealing a new promotional video the Society has been working on for some time. There will be refreshments and mingling, serving as a nice way to celebrate all the hard work of Society volunteers over the last few months.

Bob Fulton will be visiting the Society for an author talk towards the middle of the month on June 18 at 6:30 p.m. More information can be found on Bob and his book in this newsletter. Special thanks to Debbie Horvath, Mike Miller, and James Wagner for additional Pirates’ memorabilia which is on display for visitors to enjoy during the talk. The museum committee also has brought together a baseball exhibit in the sports section of the museum highlighting the sports of Indiana County. Visitors will be able to view this the night of the talk and through the remainder of the month.

The school exhibit is coming soon. Loads of diplomas, old report cards, yearbooks, and other school- related memorabilia will be on display, highlighting Indiana County’s seven public school districts. The Society is working with representatives from each district for additional artifacts that will enhance the exhibit. Colorful signage and a unique artifacts collection will focus on each district’s history and academics, including their football and band programs.

The Society is only able to operate thanks to your support and interest in the preservation of the past. Each donation to the Society is an investment not only in the past, but in the future as well. Historical resources, facts, and lessons of the past will be vivid and accessible for generations to come. Collectively, we learn from our greatest faults but also are inspired by the greatest triumphs of those who came before us.


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