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The Revitalization of the Museum Store

The Museum Store is getting a dramatic makeover. This makeover is the conception of volunteers Mary Ann Wagner and Karen Wegener. The two have been hard at work the last few months researching items to place in the gift shop, determining the logistics, and cleaning out and rearranging the space that currently houses the gift shop.

The goal behind the project is to make the store a vibrant part of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County Museum. As the museum presents objects which are historically important to Indiana County, the store will carry products which are relevant to the County. As such, a variety of new items will be introduced over the next year - stay tuned to learn more.

The look will compliment the museum, but also distinguish it from the rest of the building. It will become a more defined area. A new color scheme and organization of products will make the store more inviting for visitors. Visitors will be able to browse in a more open area as they view the new offerings. With their purchase, visitors will leave with a physical memory of the museum. Hopefully the keepsake will encourage an opportunity for a return visit to explore new exhibits, programs, and new items in the store and also promote the local area. The store is an important part of the museum, since shopping is giving back to the museum by supporting our mission to promote a greater appreciation for Indiana County's rich history and culture.

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