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Museum Happenings January 2023

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The calendar has reset, and it is once again the first month of the year. Memories of 2022 linger; however, the air feels fresh and filled with potential. Some committees are already planning upcoming events, while others are already hosting them. The bar is set high, with a strong financial backing to support each committee and their endeavors. The first month of the year brings many new things, articles, exhibits, programs, and potential employees. 2023 is a year brimming with potential, and the best way to unlock it, is to take things one project at a time.

Last year concluded cheerfully with the Christmas Open House and the mood has thankfully carried into 2023. The Society appreciates the tremendous amount of work that Mary Jo Bowes put forth writing the Dash of Dickens play, although many would argue that writing fantastic content just comes naturally to her. Both Hazel Johnston and Nancy Gould then followed with some caroling in the Armory. The pair was originally supposed to sing as part of a quartet, however, various circumstances led to the there only being two vocalists. Regardless, their performance brought forth some holiday cheer. The night concluded with carols around the piano in the Clark House, with song once again echoing through the halls. The refreshments were handmade by Treasurer Kris Welch and were delicious.

The cast and director of "A Dash of Dickens"

The budget is complete and there is a comprehensive article by our treasurer in this issue. Much thought went into this year’s budget and after the decrease for 2021 and the return to normal in 2022, the 2023 budget is designed to allow the Society to grow in a number of key areas. The growth also opens up a number of possibilities for grants, which require a certain minimum annual operating budget for eligibility. Many committees have big plans and increased funding towards these items will have a huge impact. Despite the rise in costs, the Society is in a good position to continue its work spreading information on Indiana County history.

The Fundraising committee kicks off the year with a photo contest asking county residents to share an image of what they feel best represents Indiana County. The contest features a nice cash prize and will immortalize the winners in the Society’s upcoming 2024 calendar. Interested parties can visit the Society’s website to register their pieces. Voting will be $1 a vote, which will go towards the Society’s general operating funds. Votes can be cast in person and online. It will be exciting to see what images make their way into the competition.

The Toy Display was a great success, however, all good things must come to an end. The display comes down this month along with the art show to make way for new and exciting exhibits. A quilt show will be the new focal point in the museum beginning in mid-January and will feature items from the Society’s collection.

The biggest excitement of the new year surrounds the hiring of a new employee. Call volumes are at an all-time high, with many being research requests. The Society was unable to keep up at a reasonable pace, so it was decide to hire a dedicated staff member to meet those needs. This employee will be able to devote time to research and ensure that more records are available in the library. Applications for the position are now being accepted. Cover letters can be sent to or mailed to the Society.

The first month of the year brings many new things, articles, exhibits, programs, and potential employees. It will be interesting to see how each will develop over the course of the year. To help each grow, the Society needs the continued support of its volunteers and members, who in the end make all of these wonderful things possible.

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